A set of 154 of the most sought after Colours.

  • PANTONE Plastic Standard Chips offers accurate specification of Colour, reliable Colour Matching and consistent Colour control in the development of your plastic products.
  • Suitable for toys, consumer electronics, home furnishings, appliances, accessories and more, across multiple plastic substrates.
  • This set contains 154 of our most popular colour and has selections from all major color families; key trending neutrals – blacks, greys and whites – and sought after special-effect metallics and neons.
  • The Color Collection Volume 1 comes in an attractive tabletop display. Replacement chips are also available.
  • Have 154 of the most desirable product design colors at your fingertips - to inspire you and support fast production.
  • And bought as a set represents a considerable saving over individually purchased chips.

FEATURES - at a Glance

  • These Larger chip measures 3” x 1-7/8” in size.
  • The set contains chips with a gloss finish one side and a matte finish on the other side.
  • The tiered thickness is 1mm and 2mm.
  • Each chip is identified with the relevant Colour name and number.
  • Polypropylene substrate closely aligns with common production materials. Pigment formulations are also available for other plastic resins.
  • A hole in top corner enables palette groupings.
  • Pigment formulations included

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