The Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test is a highly effective and easy to use test to assess an individual’s colour vision. It has been used by industry and government for over 40 years to detect colour vision abnormalities and to assess precise levels of colour discrimination.

Any colour vision abnormalities and aptitude of each subject are detected by their ability to place the coloured reference caps in order of hue within each tray.

Reliable and consistent colour vision is important for many roles within industry Some examples of the use of the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test include :

  • Examination of inspectors of colour goods, colour graders and colour matchers.
  • Testing for type and degree of colour defectiveness.
  • Detection of poor colour vision in sales people.
  • Design of specialized tests for colour vision.
  • Analysis of colour vision of in-house and field staff.
  • Measurement of effects of medical treatments.
  • Independent control on validity of other colour vision tests.
  • Measurement of effects of medical treatments

Product & Test Details

  • The test consists of four trays containing a total of 85 removable color reference caps (incremental hue variation) spanning the visible spectrum.
  • Color vision abnormalities and aptitude are detected by the ability of the test subject to place the color caps in order of hue. The four trays are boxed in a carrying case.
  • The test must be administered under daylight conditions such as that provided by VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinets.
  • The test will take approximately 20 minutes to test each person.
  • FM 100 Hue Test Scoring Software included. System requirements: MAC OS X, Windows 98, Windows XP or Windows

Instrument Software

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