Aygenteks - Patlatma Mukavemet Test Cihazı

Patlatma Mukavemet Test Cihazı


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Digital Mullen-style burst testers allow you measure the strength and resilience of sheet materials by testing for real life failures such as punctures and rupture. The technique uses hydraulic pressurization of a membrane against a clamped, film, or sheet sample, producing a multi-directional stress on the material to failure – which is the burst strength. Depending on the type of material being tested, the burst method highlights the planar strength of the sample and is sensitive to quality of fiber bond, interlaminar, or orientational defects of your sheet product. With improved electronics and a state-of-the-art user interface, our new 13-56 burst tester is easier to use than ever before. Your sample is pneumatically clamped, and the rubber membrane is pushed upwards by digitally controlled hydraulics. The force at burst is displayed and recorded automatically and can be incorporated into on-board batch analysis if desired. All aspects of the test method are easily adjustable – allowing you to create the perfect testing conditions for each unique application.