Aygenteks - ColorTouchX ISO Renk Ölçüm

ColorTouchX ISO Renk Ölçüm


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ISO Color Spectrophotometry at at your fingertips.

The New ColorTouch® X ISO is the most advanced touchscreen Color Spectrophotometer available.

Since 1980 Technidyne has been producing instruments that meet the ISO Optical Standards for the global pulp in paper industry. In 1994 Technidyne brought to market the ColorTouch® which set a standard for functionality, precision and dependability. That next generation of the ColorTouch family is now ready to continue with the family tradition

The ColorTouch® X ISO brings together a powerful set of tools to meet the demands of the brightness, color, fluorescence and ERIC 950® markets. In addition to these traditional applications, the expanded wavelength range of the ColorTouch® X ISO provides a higher level of accuracy and capabilities. No other instrument in the market today can match the ColorTouch® X ISO for capabilities, functionality and quality.